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by:Xavier      2020-07-15

, according to the National Bureau of Statistics announced in late 2012, 15 - in our country 59, a population of 937. 27 million people, the proportion of total population of 69. Proportion of 2%, the number of less than 3. 45 million people, more drops of 0. 60%. And the way out to solve this problem is to develop the robot automation industry. China international capital corporation, points out that benefit from the demand side ( The inevitable trend of rising domestic Labour costs, China itself also has the world's largest potential market scale and the largest automation equipment manufacturing) As well as the supply side ( Robotic automation equipment leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of gap is narrowing) Driven by the dual factors, China in the future 5 - Ten years is expected to emerge a world-class robotic automation manufacturers.

analysts believe that the world in the form of organization change, the third industrial revolution gestation period, at this critical point, many emerging industries will become the hot spot in the market, industrial robots is one of them. The future may also emerge the new hot spot.

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