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The testing method of commonly used precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-01
A test method of precision machinery parts processing commonly used the production of precision parts, is inseparable from the high frequency of inspection, need to check from time to time in the processing, processing need more detailed inspection, after the completion of this process of products can be absolutely no problem, which can be delivered in a timely and effective manner to the customer, also can improve the machining efficiency of enterprises. Shenzhen Xavier precision components co. , LTD. , engaged in precision parts processing for 16 years, caused by imported testing equipment, a full inspection system, parts machining precision can reach 0. 002 mm, the precision can reach 0. 001mm。 In mechanical processing, inspection, the comparison of common methods include direct test, the indirect test and exposure method and no exposure method, etc, these methods have a certain phase in sex, and in the field, as a basis for precision parts inspection shall be based on actual situation, through the scientific comparison and analysis of these different test methods, and the related inspection method is confirmed. First for precision parts design drawings inspection required by the relevant content, and the parts with the actual quality standard authentication; Second, the observation precision machinery parts processing quality in the process of implement, to view the judgment. Bad problem does exist, and the shape and surface condition shall be practiced for a parts inspection, to confirm whether consistent with design requirements and expected standards; Again, choose reasonable tool inspection and measuring actual precision parts machining accuracy, the final test in the precision of position error of the metal parts, and record test data and test related content, in order to prevent the missing problem in the overall inspection. In precision parts processing quality inspection, detection tools for rational selection is very important. Therefore, when choosing detection tools shall be the actual test as the basis, for example, the height gauge and optical instrument is used to analyse the component size measurement process, the measuring range has a certain standard limit, in ensuring the precision machinery parts processing size in this range, on the basis of to use the measuring tool inspection, and tools such as ring gauge has a fixed value in terms of mechanical parts inspection. In addition, in the process of mechanical parts processing quality inspection, because the environment and the measurement of the amount is not fixed, when choosing measuring tool also should be based on specific measuring bad border, choose tools for measuring with pertinence, and need to know and research parts design drawings, on this basis, to ensure that the selected measuring tool more reasonable, can make it has practical application value and ensure better play its role in the process of actual inspection.
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