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The technical requirements for modern automatic welding equipment and key technology

by:Xavier      2020-11-06
one Modern technical requirements of automatic welding equipment for the realization of the large welding welding production process automation, modern automatic welding equipment should satisfy the following basic technical requirements. 1. Adopt high efficiency welding method, large weldment mostly thick wall components, welding workload is big, continuous welding period is long, so must adopt efficient welding method, such as efficient submerged arc welding, high melting polar gas shielded welding, narrow gap welding, laser welding, electron beam welding and plasma arc welding and the compound welding method. 2. Adaptive digital control based on the large and medium-sized welding seam assembly absolute error is bigger, joint geometry is changeable, and the medium and thick plate multipass welding joint is inevitable in the process of produce thermal deformation characteristics, welding head must be adaptive seam tracking system, at the same time to achieve full automation and remote monitoring of the welding process, welding manipulator or welding robot welding displacement mechanical, welding power source and wire feeding machine should use full digital control technology, to complete the task. 3. Intelligent and welding process parameters optimization for the realization of the thick wall joint continuous uninterrupted stable welding and ensure the welding quality of joint, welding head movement should be through the computer software, real-time detection, automatic programming for intelligent control and data processing. ESAB company such as Sweden ABW system of heavy container welding center, can according to the instance of the groove width, determine the number of each layer of weld bead, each amount of deposited weld and corresponding welding process parameters, the magnitude of the overlap between weld, cover the surface location, etc. , which can realize thick wall joints from the bottom of the groove to cover the surface of all weld were performed by automatic welding machine. The control system must be with the digital welding power source, so that each remain the state of optimizing the process parameters of welding seam, able to complete the high quality, high speed, the economic connection. 4. Control integration of the current rapid development of information technology has pushed traditional manufacturing electronics manufacturing ( e- 制造业) Era, each industrial production enterprises will gradually realize the integration of the production management and production process automatic control integration, the so-called control integration. So in the design and manufacture of automatic welding equipment should be considered when using direct digital control system ( DNC) So that the welding equipment of numerical control system and data communication between master computer, nc program management. Nc program, the distribution of the production data collection, process monitoring and remote diagnosis, etc. 5. Flexible large-scale automatic welding equipment and production line of an investment is relatively high, flexibility must be considered when designing this kind of welding equipment, the formation of flexible manufacturing system. To give full play to the efficiency of the equipment, to meet the production requirements of similar products of different specifications of the workpiece. two The key technology of large-scale automatic welding equipment according to the technical requirements of modern large-scale automatic welding equipment, must be solved in the design and manufacture the following key techniques: 1) Welding head adaptive automatic tracking system with the ordinary weld automatic tracking mechanism is essentially the difference. The so-called adaptive control system which should have automatic recognition, judgment, and high speed feedback, data processing, automatic programming, the function of real-time rectification and accurate positioning and used in a variety of modern sensor technology, such as high precision, high sensitivity of visual, tactile, thermal, image sensor, etc. Adaptive tracking system is a kind of advanced automatic control system based on PC, and the development of special computer software support to complete the logic control. Adaptive tracking system of actuators should guarantee the rapid response and accurate positioning, control system and high precision transmission mechanism such as linear ball track. Currently can meet the requirements of welding head adaptive tracking system is basically divided into two categories: the first is the adaptive tracking system, the joint geometry without prior programming or teach, applicable to large weldment hyperboloid of welded joint and continuous welding for a long period of time, but the butt welding head walk locus mutation of inflection point can't make a quick response and action. Adaptive tracking system, the second is the local requirement according to the joint geometry, programming or teach in advance, joint size deviation can be automatically compensated, suitable for small and medium sized thin-wall weldment and weld gap, and allow joint trajectory of local mutations in a turning point. 2) The development of computer software based on PC control system must be supported by the corresponding computer software, compared with other processing technology, due to the welding process is relatively complex, therefore must develop applicable to the selected welding method, welding technology and quality requirements of computer software. A complete set of computer software shall at least include the following contents: 1. Of welding equipment and auxiliary equipment of drive and control system, the applicable scope of welding method, process parameter scope of project and the definition of right; 2. Establish relevant database, data storage and assembly of existing various welding production process, by computer terminals installed on the welding equipment and the operator or numerical control equipment for interactive communication, and form the central database of the enterprise, gradually enrich the database for each welding workstation sharing.
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