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The status quo and future development forecast precision machining

by:Xavier      2020-03-24
The development of China's advanced technology such as precision machining conditions for manufacturing and mechanism in our country institution is of great significance. In terms of design, computer excitation design ( CAD) The diffusion. In the aspect of application, all kinds of high and new technology development is rapid, and has obtained the remarkable result. In management, the new production pattern characteristic of research and practice, to promote the progress of the manufacturing technology and management modernization of our country. Get great development technology in precision machining, precision machining manufacturing process again to be more efficient, so that we will go into production and development of 'a virtuous circle model'. Nearly 20 years since the mechanical manufacturing industry is developing at a furious pace to precision machining, the development of ultra-precision machining, in the process of the future development of precision machining and ultra-precision machining will be in international competition, the key technology of market competition. Is committed to the development of modern manufacturing industry to improve machining accuracy, its main reason is to improve product performance and quality. To improve the quality of its stability and the reliability of the performance, promote the miniaturization of products, functional, good parts interchangeability, product assembly, commissioning high productivity, and promote manufacturing assembly automation. With the development of manufacturing, precision machining were from micron, sub-micron technology development, in the future processing, general machinery processing, precision processing and ultra-precision machining precision can reach 1 um, respectively 0. 01um、0. 001 um, the machining accuracy and precision machining is to atoms cycle, with the constant improvement of the extreme precision, create conditions for the development and progress of science and technology, and also provides good material means for machinery manufacture. To the mechanical manufacturing technology from two aspects of improving accuracy and productivity developed rapidly at the same time. In terms of productivity, improve the degree of automation is committed to the direction of development, in recent years, from CNC to CIMS is developing rapidly, and its application in a certain range, from the aspects of improving precision, from development to the ultra precision machining, precision machining which is committed to the developing direction of the world's major developed countries. Cutting already have many applications in many fields, because the current machinery manufacture have fallen to the requirement of production, rising to the requirement of size and shape, precision machining with the new development trend. Using lathe need different turning machining method, however, grinding, gear cutting, milling process can be carried out on a lathe total, such as the development trend of the process integration is significant.
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