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The role of precision machining process _ precision machinery factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-24
Efficacy of precision machining process, the key from three points: the effect of precision machining process 1, is the key to the specific guidance production technical documents mechanical processing manufacturing workshop production plan, production scheduling, the worker's actual operation, quality inspection of parts production and processing products, the production cost of carry forward, all is based on the procedure. To solve problems in production and manufacturing, also often to procedure according to each other. If solve safety accidents, should according to the procedure to clear the obligation of the relevant units and personnel. 2, is the key of the production site management work according to the workshop to manufacture new parts, the first to make the parts machining process planning, and according to the procedure to carry out the production site management. Such as very important in the process of new parts processing process of scientific research; In advance to prepare the knife, clamp, measurement instruments; Purchase of raw materials and MAO embryogenesis or manufacturing; New machinery and equipment purchase or old machinery and equipment modification, etc. , all must be based on the process in order to develop. 3, is the foundation of the construction machinery equipment factory technical documentation under construction in large quantities or of machining manufacturing shop, should be defined according to the technological procedures required for the type of numerical control lathe and the total number and its layout in the workshop, and thereby the total size of the clear workshop, drive and hoisting equipment and the technical type of work, technical level of workers required, total, etc. Shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD is a precision parts processing technology precipitation accumulation for many years, specialized in manufacturing metal non-standard parts, ¢0. 5 - ¢20 mm stainless steel plate, titanium, aluminum and other metal materials of high precision parts manufacturing for many years of technical existing sink. Our factory main business products include: non-standard small components, stainless steel plate parts, medical equipment accessories, lighting accessories, standard parts, connector, instrument parts, pivot shaft sleeve, fiber optic connectors, lc, sc tail handle handle, sophisticated machinery and equipment spare parts, screw nut, electronic parts, fiber optic communications equipment spare parts, copper, aluminum bolts and other civilian and military use of standardized high-quality goods 200 several species with high degree of cleanliness, for customers to choose. In addition people can according to customer's different regulation, make customers satisfactory products.
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