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The role of machine tool fixture in precision machining

by:Xavier      2020-05-26
The function of machine tool fixture in precision machining in precision machinery parts processing, in order to guarantee the requirements of customers, ensure the precision of the workpiece, we should use before for precision machining fixture will good workpiece clamping, the use of the clamp can make the workpiece relative to the cutting tool and machine tool has the correct position, and make the position in the process of processing does not change due to the influence of the external force, thereby reducing error in processing. There are two kinds of workpiece clamping method of a kind of is the workpiece clamping directly on the machine table or chuck, another kind is the clamping workpiece on the fixture. Generally in accordance with the requirements of the drawings or samples on the surface of the workpiece surface drawing processing, size and location, when the clamping with needle or dial indicator is before clamping. Although do not need special equipment, low efficiency, commonly used in single piece and small batch production. With the fixture clamping workpiece can be more stable as to ensure machining accuracy of workpiece. Relative to the workpiece position precision of the cutting tool and machine tool by the fixture, improve labor productivity. Using fixture clamping workpiece is convenient, fast, can significantly reduce the auxiliary time, improve labor productivity. And in precision machining, clamping fixture after application improves the rigidity workpiece, thus can increase the cutting parameter, improve the labor productivity can be used more pieces, transfer the clamping workpiece fixture, and can be used efficiently clamping mechanism, to further improve the labor productivity. Enlarge the using range of machine tool. On general machine tools by using special fixture can be expanding process of machine tool, give full play to the potential of machine tool, achieve the goal of one machine. But in the use of special fixture, can easily on the ordinary lathe processing small box workpiece. Even pull out of the groove on the lathe, reduced the expensive special machine tool, reduces the cost, it is especially important for small and medium-sized factories. To improve the operator working conditions. Such as pneumatic, hydraulic, electromagnetic power application in the jig, on the one hand, reduce the labor intensity of the workers on the other hand also ensures the reliability of clamping workpiece, and can realize the interlock machine, avoid accidents, ensure the safety of the operator and machine tool equipment. Reduce the cost. Used in batch production fixture, the dry the improvement of labor productivity, using technology ranks lower workers and rejection rate decline reason, obviously reduces the production cost. So artifacts in the precision machining of the greater the mass, the fixture in the value of its application is, the greater the economic benefit is significant. This article from 15 years dedicated non-standard precision parts processing, fixture clamping fixture of the shenzhen Xavier precision components co. , LTD. More precision machinery parts processing, please click on the link to see http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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