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The rise of domestic watches and precision parts are inseparable

by:Xavier      2020-07-13
When it comes to watch, you will certainly think of omega Switzerland, rolex, constantin brands. Did in the past people's heart, only the Swiss watch is really good, and carry out a face, after a long time can't be bad, and so on. But when people see these at the same time, the lack of overlooked our domestic brand of watches. In you can buy a piece of imported watch for yourself two efforts of colleagues, our own country's domestic watch has quietly on the rise, there is some well-known brands, such as: fiyta, seagulls, wave form, of table and so on. A lot of people will certainly be shrugged off the table or, but after watching a data, you will be for the domestic brands sit up and take notice. Below is from domestic watch industry bibcock eldest brother fiyta earnings data, confirms the existence of the inflection point. Results showed that in mid - 2013 is given priority to with the international brand watch agent sales of 113343. 760000 yuan, year-on-year decline in 3. 42%, the operating profit of 28569. 780000 yuan, the profit margins of 25. 21%; By contrast, sales of own brand series of fiyta watches, mid sales for 32117. 550000 yuan, increased by more than 20%, operating profit of 21043. 520000 yuan, the gross margin of 65. 52%. In the second half of the contrast trend more obvious, its own brand in the western cities like chongqing, xi 'an, yinchuan and Qingdao, changsha, hefei and other second-tier cities of Middle East sales are growing. Galaxy securities, and other institutions to research, said after second - and third-tier cities in the domestic high-end goods spending power to be reckoned with. Combined with 'cousin' time last year, a significant reduction in the sales of imports of big watch now, domestic watch is expanding aggressively. Statistics show, since last year, the domestic anti-corruption efforts to increase, the influence of such factors as import watch once in domestic overall sales plunged more than 30%, and the downtrend continues at present. So domestic brands are growing just because the price of your abroad, there are 'cousin' incident caused by? The answer is clearly not, really lead to the rise of domestic watch is domestic watch quality is more and more close to the international brand, service is becoming more and more close to the international big shop sign. Among this, quality must be the main reason, so mobile phone quality, the most direct is whether its precision parts are of good quality. Well-known mobile phone within the precision of parts is very small, so the production of very exquisite, in our older, why they couldn't make the good quality watches, is actually made bad so small precision parts. Before production equipment, production technology to keep pace with more, but after reform and opening up, as these big brand watch sell like hot cakes at home, Chinese people also learned to study if these big watch is made, their technology, their production equipment, the production management mode, etc. , imitation in more. So domestic watch manufacturer can make decision and foreign big shop sign watch about the quality of the watch is not surprising, and even some foreign brands directly to find some watches the production of domestic enterprises OEM, it's about a problem, the domestic mobile phone has the international standard quality. That someone wants to question, since the international domestic watch brand watch quality is similar, why the price differ so much? Quality approach does not mean, of course, by contrast, the domestic quality and appearance of the watch, and so on than big-name still have very big difference, the other is the different cost. Domestic watches don't need to import tariffs. Production of precision parts and components used in the domestic procurement can directly. Leads to price cheap is not surprising. Address: / Shownews. asp吗? ID = 86
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