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The recent problems in the development of mechanical technology

by:Xavier      2020-05-27
Recent problems in the development of mechanical technology in recent years, our country state of the development of mechanical machining industry is good, a new type of mechanical technology is also constantly emerging, however, we need to recognize objectively, compared with some developed countries, there is still a big gap between in our country, and therefore must be from the mechanical technology in the process of mechanical processing industry application found the problem, and adopt scientific and effective solution. 1. The lack of relevant professional mechanical processing industry in China is part of the developed countries is quite slow, automatic test fixture with closely linked by lack of relevant professional talents. Machinery processing industry and machinery technology development contains the content of multiple disciplines, to support building talents with comprehensive ability. Tent cultivation industry did not move related pipe private, resulting in the aspects of technical personnel degree is generally low, work experience also limit. This kind of situation to a certain extent, led to the construction industry in our country, the related people of almost full, paid to make contact with the new ones, but the legs to build progenitor, physical test fixture is not our new 12 manufacturing on a smaller scale. Mechanical manufacturing in our country, in terms of the number or the scale of production must be changed, has made certain progress. However, the overall scale of China's mechanical processing manufacturing cannot fully meet the needs of our country, and part of the production scale of developed countries, also there is a certain gap between the physical test fixture parts machining and manufacturing companies even only equivalent to the size of a workshop foreign machinery manufacturing enterprises. Therefore, China's current production scale mechanical processing industry is still in the primary stage of development, basically is in the imitation production, lack of independent research and development of products, with strong comprehensive strength. 2. Stuck promotion and application in our country, because of the influence of the objective conditions, many enterprises or research institutes although developed in originality, automatic test fixture and machine technology content is higher technology, but because of the limitations of China's overall industrial level and technology level, general recognition of the market, the price is relatively high and new technology, fiber surface of lsi are reduced. Therefore, many enterprises in the production and business operation, due to price factors should not accept the new type of mechanical technology, and the reliability of the original mechanical technology and predictability. Xavier focus non-standard precision machining, precision machining optimization and Xavier in Xavier machining precision parts can make you less trouble.
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