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The prospect of precision machined?

by:Xavier      2020-05-02
The prospect of precision machined? As this industry of our company is engaged in precision machining for this problem, seems a little bias, after all, who will say they are doing company is bad? But the prospect of domestic precision machining does not optimistic. Can be said to be the setting sun is professional. At present China's excess of machinery manufacturing professional talents. Ten years ago that in the 90 s, this major is very popular, that time in the industry a large number of enrollment expansion of colleges and universities, many schools have set up the professional. Then in the new century, with the electronic computer, digital automatic technology, network technology and automatic control, equipped with a large number of development process, mechanical processing and manufacturing industry gradually be invaded by other professional. And after China's entry to the wto, the original Chinese manufacturing is lousy couldn't be bad, after enters in the face of such as Germany under the impact of Europe and the United States and Japan production industry, vulnerable. Look out of the street, cars were made in Chinese? How much is made in China to share? Look at other industries, such as simple valves, household appliances, import price is much higher than domestic prices? The key parts are all foreign technology! Now China's manufacturers are mostly main components to a foreign production. I bought a domestic company of valve 5000 yuan, buy a with the specifications of the import valve, 38000 yuan. Why the quality of domestic processing with foreign out without, precision? China's machinery manufacturing industry is the sunset day, and there are a lot of talent excess, the industry's salary is low, because the industry downturn, At least 10 years) 。 Actually read the above part of this passage is that the Internet, said is very reasonable, but today I want to say is that the only the most basic of mechanical processing, the prospect of the real prospect of precision machining is very good, after the society, whether it's car, watch, or computer, mobile phone, etc. , which is not above must use very sophisticated parts, where are these parts, all is to rely on precision machining. So the future prospect of precision machining is very good, but the premise is that we need to domestic enterprise and personnel ready to yourself, enterprises should introduce advanced equipment, manage their own businesses. Talent to learn their own ability, even trying to innovation. As long as do the above, will be the bright future of precision machining.
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