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The processing technology of the metal parts are analyzed

by:Xavier      2020-07-06

body parts, mechanical parts of the typical parts, that today we are going to represented by body parts to analysis of parts processing technology. We know as gear box, gear case, a lathe bed body is the foundation of the machine parts, such as machine parts in spare parts such as shaft, bearing, gear sets and their respective keep mutual position correctly, and according to the preliminary design good transmission relationship between the mutual movement coordination, combined into a whole.

a lot of surface casing processing, the processing requirements for each surface is different also, some requirements for precision is very high, such as the main shaft hole, so the cabinet in the machining accuracy has become a process of the key problems, in view of this, in the parts processing also note the following:

1, roughing and finish machining stage to separate

we also mentioned above to much processing the surface of the box body, the precision requirement is different, so to make the thickness in the operating process to separate, fine machining and roughing up immediately, because it is easy to cause casing deformation, ultimately affect the precision.

2, should be in after the first plane hole processing order

processing plane, the first not only removed the blank surface becomes uneven and surface sand inclusion trapped, more important is in the processing and distribution in the plane hole, crossed, looking for is convenient, and when the boring cutter began to boring, will not impact vibration by end face has a rugged, damaged knives, therefore, generally should be best processing plane.

3, arrange the proper heat treatment process

casting box structure is complex, uneven thickness, cooling rate, casting is easy to produce internal stress and the surface is hard, therefore, should be reasonable arrangement after casting sand, quenched and tempered.

4, process of centralized or decentralized decision

enclosure rough and finish machining stage separately in accordance with the principle of procedure, but in the medium and small batch production, in order to reduce the number of used machine tools and fixture, and decrease the number of handling and installation for enclosure, rough and finish machining stage can be relatively concentrated, as far as possible on the same machine tools.

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