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The process features of CNC lathe precision parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-07-04

CNC lathe processing was conducted for parts processing on the CNC machine a general designation, computer control of machine tools in mechanical machining industry were called numerical control lathe, and whether it is dedicated to the control of nc machine tools and design of computer or computers are commonly referred to as CNC system, CNC lathe processing in precision parts processing industry are used very widely. Below as an introduction to numerical control lathe precision parts processing process characteristics:

CNC system program by professional engineers according to the materials of the parts process requirements, and prepare the machine characteristics. Numerical control system program to machine running or interrupt information to control the operation of the machine tool. After the precision parts processing work, machine will stop running automatically under the instruction of the program.

CNC machine itself characteristic had decided its main effect is used for processing has a certain complexity of products, such products generally has more complex shape surface, its main is sister some of the common processing methods couldn't solve the problem. In the nc machining precision parts processing and application of the biggest characteristic is its can punch tape machine for automatic processing.

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