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The principle of precision machinery processing factory cost control

by:Xavier      2020-05-14
Manufacturer of precision machining cost control principle of mechanical processing factory, after receiving orders, customers without exception not only want quality products, also want the right price, so we set off from what respect, to control the cost of production? Cost control is not what a person's work, nor the power of one person alone can finish the work, need the whole team work together. Which not only contains the production management personnel, also need to machining manufacturer production employees to participate. In cost, quality and the yield of mutual conflict, the principle is to ensure the quality of cases to reduce the cost, this is the mechanical processing factory must follow the principle of, especially Xavier engaged in precision machinery parts processing, we are customer equipment in precision parts processing, processing quality decides the service life of the whole machine and assembly quality. Material issue need to unified arrangement. After the material approach, plate plate picture and it's not the size of the actual needs, not according to the minimum loss to. In after study the drawings, so need to combined with the actual material size on this budget, the loss is in the reasonable scope, if beyond reasonable wear and tear, just need to expand the scope of application. Precision machining manufacturer can't see the loss of a project, and to see the year comprehensive loss and efficiency, so that the advantages of centralized blanking is out, can increase the utilization rate of materials to rationalize most, namely the increase of interests. It is need to the company leadership support and production staff work together to complete. In mechanical processing, we need to continue to control the quality of our products and less chance to rework, how strengthen measure, which will require staff on the basis of the more serious, more careful and constantly improve the technical level, strengthen learning, accumulate experience to meet the current task. The above information is derived from the metal mechanical processing factory Xavier company.
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