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The principle of finishing

by:Xavier      2020-07-11

CNC lathe feed processing route is refers to the tool movement began from a fixed origin of nc machine tools, to return to the origin and end the route processing program. Including machining path, cutting tool cut to cut out the cutting spare travel path.

finishing the basic feed line are all according to the order of the outline of the parts, so to determine the feed line priority is to determine the finishing and empty trip feed line. So in the CNC lathe processing, operating personnel should follow the principle of what? We introduce for everybody finishing the following principles:

1, ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness.

2, reduce travel time in the feed line and make the shortest processing route, so as to improve processing efficiency.

3, try to simplify the numerical calculation workload, simplify the processing procedure.

4, for the repeated use of certain procedures, should try to use a subroutine.

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