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The principle of CNC machining _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-01
Using the high precision machine machinery processing, target will be stronger, this how to speak, the first all in processing target, and then to the processing efficiency is also much faster, plus the smart home system is in the continued ascent, mechanical automation more and more significant, therefore said that the current computer gongs processing, or rules of professional abilities and milling machine processing level is becoming more and more high, the guys to hold the computer gongs processing! ! Computer gongs processing, computer gongs machining sales market: how about computer gong is in the processing of goods, with large Numbers of computer process control system configuration, set more precise processing and manufacturing, with traditional mechanical processing and manufacturing, now computer gongs processing power output or quality is better than traditional handmade hand. Following the rapid development of computer software, the production equipment can resolve processing many components in addition to this, CNC machinery, now than in the past has high integration advantages, into the solving way of fashion. CNC hand-board reflected in it can precisely reflect the advantages of information engineering drawings described the content, and high performance CNC hand-board process, is on its surface after spray paint and silk screen printing ink, that than open abrasive production out of the goods after will glow. Therefore, more and more dozens of people choose CNC hand-board processing is not no truth. How computer gongs processing, computer gongs, processing and sales market! 1, CNC hand-board roughness and precision of machining parts: if as far as possible to zero. Tolerance 5 mm standard, regardless of the production equipment or hand master, whole is relatively high, direct costs will be much higher relativity; 2, CNC hand-board raw materials processed spares if difficult-to-machine materials, such as stainless steel plate, the raw material tensile strength, as far as possible with tungsten steel hardened CNC cutting tools, and computer gong is Taiwan, China or Japan as far as possible machine equipment to cooperate with each other to do, maybe direct costs will be high compared with general raw material processing. 3, the structure of the CNC hand-board processing parts and specifications: if goods steel structure building design, the product cost will be much higher; If big commodity overall specifications or appearance is cambered surface appearance, the product cost also increased a lot. Company owns car milling compound numerical control lathe, four axis nc lathe, high speed CNC machine equipment, aluminum alloy die-casting machine equipment imported machinery spare parts processing machinery and equipment, has a car milling machining, dozen sample, aluminum alloy die-casting, surface spraying, such as automatic production line production process, the whole process of 10 years exercise out a team of professional, intellectual project engineers and professional technical elite team. Professional for processing and manufacturing consumer issue a multi-type, mass production, standardized products processing and service facilities. Many project engineers looking for CNC hand-board model processing car manufacturers then all have a very very burn the difficulty of the brain, where the agent cost savings at ease? Because these days on the market many manufacturers can only be issued by a single service, your goods go through many manufacturers to carry out general, that not only improve your direct costs will delay your delivery cycle. Small make up all feel a pain in amygdala. Company has 7 axis car milling compound machining CNC milling machine, 5 axis car milling compound machining CNC milling machine, high speed drilling and tapping machine, 4 axis CNC machines and other equipment, IATF, ISO certification, in the medical parts processing, electronic optical parts processing, communication, auto parts, machining parts processing and manufacturing industry has accumulated a variety of mechanical processing and manufacturing experience, roller bearing, disc brake and more welding jig, twist wire welding jig, material plate protection machine, CNC milling machine, automatic feeding machine equipment, transmission gear several invention patent certificate, etc. CNC machining, is the hand an important processing method in processing and manufacturing, processing of materials without a lot of restrictions, in addition to the soft glue class cannot processing, based on the CNC machining of hand-board tensile strength is in 3 d printing and mold making way better.
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