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The preparation precision machining equipment industry in our province measurement test center

by:Xavier      2020-07-01
Metrology institute of jiangsu province has won general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine approval, set up national metrology testing center, precision machining equipment industry to become the first approved one of the six national testing center of modern industry measurement. National industry measurement of precision machining equipment and test center is mainly responsible for research with industry characteristics of dissemination technology and industry key key parameters in the field of measurement and testing technology, the development of industry special measuring, testing equipment, the service product whole life cycle of measurement technology, etc. , as well as precision machining equipment industry to provide high quality service. With the rapid increase of precision machining precision, precision machining equipment industry also to measurement accuracy requirement is increasing day by day. Construction of national industry measurement of precision machining equipment testing center for industrial development to provide exclusive dissemination service, on the key areas of key parameter testing problem become a pressing issue. Metrology institute of jiangsu province is equipped with precise geometric quantity detection of public service platform in jiangsu province, a solid talent technical conditions. After the completion of the center will promote the standardization of the measurement precision machining equipment industry in China and standardization, to improve the quality of related products, promote the precision machining technology innovation, promote the development of precision machining equipment industry play a good role in promoting. Administrators in the web site to see the report, psychology is very happy, because, the center of the future will bring us great convenience. Before companies often have a lot of list, after due to such problems of one sort or another, there is no way to agree with the customer. In the future, can let the experts detection to the center, so you don't have a lot of trouble. In addition to make some is high, high precision parts can also be sent to the center first to evaluation and proofing, succeeded, in production, so that greatly reduce the cost. Administrator is also seen before a report that China's precision machining level than the level of foreign also differ ten years. Saw this report, the in the mind very not taste. Now think about that even ten years? Countries in the block, attaches great importance to the future with the standardization of something, in also don't need to go to overseas. Have to say in the development of society, times in progress, people's life is also more and more happiness, and the country has been stressed, to support small and medium-sized enterprises to develop, for small and medium enterprises bigger and stronger. This a series of policies and regulations for business people truly feel happiness.
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