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The order of precision CNC machining parts _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-28
Every way of production and processing, all has its production and processing sequence, the people's actual operation staff, must be in accordance with its production and processing sequence in order to develop production and processing, and can't behave in such a way, that will be for production and processing of goods, cause certain harm, or is the product quality problem, is in one of the machinery parts processing, then the order of the high precision machinery parts processing into what, below let network to talk to people in the mood. One, detailed the layout of the parts processing time should be according to the structure of parts and MAO embryo status, and its positioning clamping requirements to think, most important is the rigidity of the steel is not damaged. 1, the process of production and processing can't harm of positioning and clamping of next working procedure, right in the middle a job has detailed parts processing process of commonality and comprehensive thinking. 2, first within the end wall processing sequence, after the termination of design production and processing process. 3, in the same orientation, clamping method or the same knife production and processing process is best butt end, in order to reduce the positioning frequency, tool change frequency and move bending machine frequency. Shenzhen mechanical processing more than four, at the same time equipment end in the working procedure, to layout of steel stiffness damage small process. 2, CNC blade concentrated tumble sequence method: that is to say according to the commonly used CNC blade regionalization process, with the same finish CNC blade production and processing parts on all parts can be done. With the first ErBaDao, they can be other parts of the third. That can reduce tool change frequency, tighten idle time, no need to reduce the positioning of the deviation. Three, by the method of production and processing parts points sequence: content related to production and processing of many parts, according to the structural characteristics of several parts parts production and processing of share out bonus, such as shape, appearance design, surface or within the floor plan, etc. After the general production and processing the floor plan first, locating surface, hole in production and processing; Production process simple geometry appearance design, the first reproduction processing complex geometry appearance design; Reproduction to lower production and processing precision parts, machining accuracy appealed to the higher position. According to the above method and sequence of CNC machining center master fuck machine is very easy, this is also our factory do precision CNC machining parts for many years of experience.
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