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The numerical control machine tool processing industry, and constantly promote the development of industry

by:Xavier      2020-07-04
Along with the advance of science and technology, world countries have also realized that the use of nc machine tool for precision machining for the development of the industry as a support position, in order to cope with the international financial crisis, they have to adjust CNC machine precision machining industry policy, more than happen to coincide the development of high-grade CNC machine tool, in order to promote the development of precision machinery processing industry. As we all know, the machine tool is the mother of industry, so the roll-call of nc machine tools is the mother of industry, we have learned, at present our country is in the peak period of the equipment manufacturing industry upgrading and industrial upgrading of mechanical industry, in this critical period, demand for nc machine tools, especially high-grade CNC machine tool, is more and more, will remain more than thirty percent of the high level, expected the growth will remain for many years. , industry experts said the mechanical processing machine tool industry of our country's development needs in order to market demand as the guide, to develop high-end CNC machine tools as the leading factor, host for bibcock, perfect as the foundation, strives to realize nc machine tool products from low-end to high-end, from primary products processing to the transition of the advanced manufacturing. High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment special will greatly enhance our capacity for independent innovation, to master a large number of core technology with independent intellectual property rights, the overall technical level to enter the international advanced level; At the appointed time, host, numerical control system, the feature 'intermediate scale, industrialization of high-grade' will be realized, our country will develop a batch of have the international advanced level of critical equipment; Large imports of high-speed, precision horizontal machining center, CNC lathe, and other products market share will be improved significantly. Hope that the future machine tool industry can bring more up-to-date equipment and cutting-edge technology, to meet the growing demand for efficient processing manufacturing. The demonstration effect of the leading enterprises in the machine platform through GongBoHui also fully show, will drive the whole nc machine tools and metal processing industry has been more rapid development and progress. In fact our country current CNC precision machining industry has been more and more close to the international standard, and even has a tendency to go beyond, zhejiang has been beyond the international level before the emergence of ultra precision machining equipment, this equipment is our country own research and development and production, for a use of CNC machine tool processing enterprises, we know the stand or fall of nc machine tools, good machine can reduce waste, several machine tool can raise the production efficiency, good machine can improve the precision of parts processing, good machine can durable, and so on. Let's work together. Address: / Shownews. asp吗? ID = 93
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