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The new trend in the precision machining industry in China have?

by:Xavier      2020-05-22
The new trend in the precision machining industry in China have? In today's society has set up a file in the tide of rapid development, machinery manufacturing as one of the economic development of the technology and equipment to provide industry also rapidly advancing in the followed in the footsteps of time, it represents the development level of a country or a region of the degree of industrialization. With the rapid development of machinery manufacturing, international market competition has intensified, each big enterprise are all very attention to the new mechanical product development work, the widely application of automation technology for the machinery manufacturing industry has a very important significance. Combined test technology, especially the group type complex circuit board of the astonishing growth, fixture processing and growth speed, as more industry leading manufacturers realize the advantages of this technology and put it into use. From the point of the current application situation, adopting the combination of two or more test strategy is becoming a trend. In recent years, the development of mechanical manufacturing automation technology, the many well-known enterprises in our country after entering the international market, in the fierce international market competition has been defeated. And fixture processing development and the application of accelerated rapidly and popular, but also stimulate the international market competition, make its degree enhances unceasingly. Machinery manufacturing automation technology development, the first to solve is the development and application of computer network and communication technology, only these problems solved, machinery manufacturing automation technology to keep up with the pace of The Times, to globalization. Robot make flexible combination is more efficient robot is widely used and the flexible combination of host, machinery parts processing makes flexible line more flexible, further expansion of functions, the flexible line further shorten, the efficiency is higher. Robot and machining centers, milling machine, grinding machine, gear processing machine tool, tool grinding machine, electric machine, sawing machine, punching machine, laser machine, water cutting machine and so on various kinds of flexible unit and flexible production line has been used. Mechanical parts processing industry market research report contents are: machinery parts processing industry market environment investigation, including the policy environment, economic environment, social and cultural environment of survey; Mechanical parts processing industry market, the basic status of main specification, including market overall demand, market trends, industry distribution of market share, etc. ; Sales possibility research, including the number of existing and potential users and demand, market demand trends, the enterprise competitors' products in the market share and the possibility of expanding sales and concrete means and so on; Also include consumers and consumer demand for mechanical parts processing industry, enterprise products, product prices, social and natural factors influencing sales, sales channels and so on to carry out the investigation.
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