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The new line perpendicular to the line is special fixture design

by:Xavier      2020-05-27
New line perpendicular to the line of special fixture design between the diameter of the same parts in V groove, rotating hinge on its activities inside the groove of plywood, promote the activities of plywood, pressure parts, tighten the clamping mother business, the clamping is completed. Measurement after the completion of the loosen the clamping memes, raise hinge, activity splint on spring tension along the direction under the action column of the product direction, loosen the product automatically. The clamping device of unilateral paste vacuum rubber pad plays an important role, batch size cylindrical workpiece dong can't completely consistent, high precision mechanical processing plant in the clamping device without paste vacuum rubber mat is contact rigidity, large diameter size two artifacts must first contact, other artifacts can't clamp, when measuring the workpiece to produce looseness, measuring the size of the child get inaccurate data, and paste after vacuum rubber MATS, in the process of the clamping diameter size larger two workpiece after contact, because of the rubber pad is elastic, activity splint can continue to move until all the workpiece clamping, workpiece cylindrical tolerance is small, each slightly different workpiece clamping force will not make workpiece deformation, and fixed splint designed into the rigid contact is to ensure that each artifact fixed position, high precision machinery processing factory three coordinate machine automatic measurement after measurement program without alignment, can increase detecting efficiency. The device structure simple, convenient and flexible for clamping. Make such as form, the ultra precision machining line perpendicular to the line error of measuring Lan process is complicated, and the efficiency is not high. On line measuring perpendicularity error of parts for child quantity, measuring children's speed is not high, influence the efficiency of the production situation, design a new line to line straightness error measurement of special fixture, the fixture, convenient and practical, good reliability, can greatly improve the efficiency of measurement. With the device after repeated clamping parts fixed position, ultra precision machining is no before each measurement is looking for parts, saving a large 竜 : time. The device can be a clamping six parts, the first measure when programming, according to a set of six can shorten the measuring time. In the original way to measure average every time about 7 - 11, and measured with the equipment the clamping on average every time, only use this tooling in at the same time, to ensure the quality of detection precision and greatly improved the detection efficiency.
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