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The new concept of modern precision machining quality

by:Xavier      2020-05-16
Modern precision machining quality of the new concept of modern precision machining quality new concept, should not only reflect the surface quality of precision parts, also include the edge quality. Edge quality refers to the precision metal processing parts after machining and its edge, Angle and geometry of the edges, the sum of the geometric and mechanical properties such as accuracy, precision parts and components of edge is more close to the ideal state, the higher the quality. In metal cutting processing, because use different methods to different equipment for processing, precision metal processing parts edge edge burr formation mechanism is also different, edge location, the geometry will be different. So for different parameters, the method of evaluating edge and standards should also be different. The edge quality evaluation content includes two aspects of geometric accuracy and performance. Geometric accuracy refers to express precision metal processing parts edge burr on the edge of the precision of geometric characteristic parameters, including the burr height, thickness, size, etc. Use all kinds of precision parts in various occasions, the performance requirements is different, different processing conditions, with unified specification, standard to measure, establishing various geometric accuracy of edge against the macro to guide the actual production of precision machining. Precision metal processing parts edge quality measurement method is of two kinds of direct measurement and indirect measurement, the measuring principle and application scope are also different. For burr measurement, because the accuracy is higher, so want to consider the legacy in parts edge, such as chip, coolant and the dust and other impurities affect the measuring accuracy of burr. The following specific introduction of various measurement methods. Direct measurement method: precision metal processing parts of burr geometry size measurement method can be directly with the aid of the projector and CCD optical microscope, optical CMM, laser measuring device and ultrasonic measurement device, etc. Is the main principle of measurement of direct contact with burr relative to the reference plane, the deformation of the deformation of the size of the transformation for the voltage to indicate that the burr size (the size of the Mainly height) Device's size, its advantage is simple, high reliability, low requirements on the measurement environment. Its existing problems are: precision hardware the size of the machined part burr itself has been very small, so the manufacture, installation of instrument accuracy, especially for reference platform manufacturing accuracy requirement is high, its directly affect the measurement result error. Indirect measurement method: burr indirect measurement method is based on the basic principle of burr precision metal processing parts used on the performance and working condition, the influence of deviating from the normal working state of physical quantities by testing parts, so as to determine the size of the burr. The above information is derived from the precision metal processing factory in shenzhen Xavier company, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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