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The necessary premise that precise assembly

by:Xavier      2020-05-09
The necessary premise that precise assembly ( A) Materials technology small mechanical processing plant in the precision of gearbox assembly, the need to focus on the application of materials. The current research is comparatively mature technology for material, can according to actual production requirements of reinforced material strength, hardness and toughness. Automobile gearbox also need to use the more advanced materials technology, can make excellent speed performance. Late if you don't pass materials technology, can also lead to the assembly work of difficult, there is a big error, lead to not good fit between parts. Although at present our country material technology has made great progress, but compared with developed country, still appear some defects, need to further increase investment in research, next to the production practice for the society to provide more high quality materials. ( 2) Processing equipment transmission involves many factors, in the production of machining parts every manufacturing will make impact on performance. In order to improve the production efficiency, guarantee the production quality, you need to use to high-precision automated processing equipment, through the operation of the computer program control equipment, can produce better quality parts. Along with the study of numerical control industry in our country, the current huazhong CNC has made great research achievements, such as industrial production can be targeted to all walks of life to provide quality of high-grade CNC machine tool, makes increasing the degree of automation in the process of production, to reduce the artificial workload as well as effectively promote the machining precision of ascension. Can also be appropriate purchasing foreign advanced automatic production line, improve the accuracy and efficiency of nc machining. ( 3) Transmission to precision assembly of components of small mechanical processing factory in producing high quality spare parts, also need to test the parts performance. Transmission in the application of the car is very important, once appear any quality problem, will be to bring serious security hidden danger. So for gearbox assembly of precision parts in need to be pay attention to, to ensure that the installation position of gears, bearings and other important components are reasonable, the distance between the parts meet the requirements, we will strictly in accordance with the installation procedures, machining parts every steps need to be strictly controlled. Need to prepare before assembly and set up a general assembly plan, need to maintain a high level of alertness in the assembly process, avoid the assembling errors, also need to evaluate the performance in the parts after assembling, to see if it can achieve good coordination, play its role. After a complete assembly of the gearbox, the need to carry on the overall performance test, simulate the real traffic environment, only to meet the requirements of transmission can be used on the market, it is also the important measures to protect the safety of vehicle.
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