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The nc machining of what?

by:Xavier      2020-07-03

CNC numerical control lathe processing application is very extensive, including manufacturing, aviation industry, medical industry and so on. As compared with the ordinary lathe, CNC numerical control lathe has the incomparable advantage.

1, compared with the ordinary lathe, CNC lathe of high rigidity. To coincide with numerical control system of high precision CNC lathe rigid requirements must be high to achieve high-precision processing requirements;

2, ordinary lathe main shaft by motor, belt, variable speed gear pair institute, and numerical control machine is a horizontal longitudinal respectively driven by two electric servo motor sport, so do not use relatively traditional part such as wheels, clutch, greatly shorten the transmission chain.

3, compared with the ordinary lathe, easier to drag, because its workbench is ball screw pair adopted in moving, friction small, so the moving light. At the ends of the lead screw bearing type bearing, its pressure Angle is larger than the ordinary bearing. Numerical control lathe processing using oil mist lubrication part of the automatic lubrication, these measures have made the numerical control lathe processing mobile light.

nc machining has many advantages:

1, can guarantee machining precision and guarantee the high quality.

2, automation, reducing the artificial labor intensity, improve work efficiency;

3, automation, as long as according to the needs of operation, do not need skilled machine operators.

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