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The meaning of the bearing type and type of bearing

by:Xavier      2020-11-06
: rolling bearings in the bearing load and each other's relative motion parts intercropping of rolling bearing, it includes race parts and with or without isolation or guide roller group. Can be used to bear radial, axial or by a combination of radial and axial load. Angular contact bearings, ball and ring nominal contact Angle is greater than 0 °, and less than 90 ° of rolling bearing. Outer spherical bearings, outer spherical and with lock a wide centripetal roller bearing inner ring. Mainly for the use of simple shell. Linear motion bearings: two raceway in rolling direction on the relative linear movement of the rolling bearing. Ball bearings, roller rolling bearing is the ball. Deep groove ball bearing: each ring has a cross section is about the ball Zhou Changsan points, one of the continuous groove type of raceway centripetal ball bearings. Thrust ball bearings, roller is ball thrust ball bearing. Roller bearings, roller roller of the rolling bearing. Cylindrical roller bearings, roller is the centripetal roller bearing cylindrical roller. Tapered roller bearings, roller is the centripetal roller bearing tapered roller. Needle roller bearing, rolling body is needle to the heart of rolling bearing. Spherical roller bearings, roller is a convex spherical surface or concave roller rolling bearing heart to heart. Has a convex spherical roller bearing, a spherical outer ring raceway form; Has a concave roller bearing, which has a spherical raceway. Thrust roller bearings, roller roller is the thrust of rolling bearing. Thrust cylindrical roller bearing, rolling body is cylindrical roller thrust bearing. Tapered roller bearings, thrust roller is tapered roller thrust bearing. Thrust needle roller bearing, rolling body is needle roller thrust bearing. Thrust spherical roller bearings, roller is a convex spherical surface or concave roller thrust self-aligning roller bearing. A convex spherical roller bearing race of raceway is spherical shape, has a concave spherical roller bearing shaft ring raceway is spherical shape. Arrange ushering bearing: the centripetal bearing with a combination of a component, with the bearing axis parallel to the surface of the support a mounting screw on the floor. Joint bearing: sliding contact for spherical surface, mainly is suitable for the swing motion, motion and rotation motion of the tilt spherical sliding bearing. Composite bearing: a set of bearings at the same time by the above two or more bearing structure of rolling bearing. Such as needle roller and cylindrical roller bearings, thrust needle roller and thrust ball bearings, needle roller and angular contact ball bearings, etc. Other than the other bearing: in addition to the above structure of rolling bearing. Basic code o import bearing code is used to indicate the inner diameter of the bearing, diameter, width and types, generally for a maximum of five digits, first points above are as follows: 1) Bearing inside diameter using basic code right first, H a digital representation. The common d = 20 ~ 480 mm inner diameter bearing diameter is commonly in multiples of 5, the two figures show that the bearing inner diameter size is 5 except the quotient, such as 4 d = 20 mm; D = 12 said 60 mm, and so on. For the inner diameter of 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm and 17 mm bearing, inner code followed by 00, 01, 02, 03. For bearing diameter less than 10 mm and greater than 500 mm, inner diameter otherwise stated in the said method, can see the GB/T272 - 93. 2) The diameter of the bearing series ( The structure of the same diameter and bearing series of changes in outer diameter and width) Using basic code right up the third digital representation. For example, for the centripetal bearing and angular contact bearings, 0, 1, said extra light series; 2 said light series; 3 said in series; 4 said heavy series. Between the various series of size for such as shown below. Thrust bearing besides expressed with 1 extra light series, the rest and centripetal bearing said. 3) The width of the bearing series ( Have the same structure, inner diameter and diameter series bearing width changes in the series) Using basic code right up the fourth digit said. When the width of the figure 13-4 diameter series contrast as zero series ( Normal series) When, for most bearing in the code doesn't mark the width in the series code O, but for spherical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings, the width of the series code 0 should be marked. Diameter series code and width size code referred to as series code. 4) Bearing type code using basic code right up the fifth number ( For cylindrical roller bearings and needle roller bearing type code for letters) 。 Post code of the rear bearing code is expressed in letters and Numbers, bearing structure, the special requirements of tolerance and material and so on. The content of the post code a lot, here are a few commonly used code. 1) Internal structure code is for the same type bearing different internal structure, followed by the basic code said with letters. Such as: contact Angle is 15 °, 25 °, 40 ° and angular contact ball bearing with B and C, AC said the internal structure of the different. 2) Bearing tolerance grade levels are divided into 2, 4, 5, 6, 6 x and level 0, a total of 6 levels, in turn, from senior to junior, its code/PZ, / P4 '/ PS/P6, / P6X and/PO.
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