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The main technical requirements of the set of parts

by:Xavier      2020-07-02
Hole and cylindrical generally have high alignment requirements; High end face and the hole axis perpendicularity requirements; On the surface of the inner hole size accuracy, shape, high precision and surface quality requirements; Dimensional accuracy, on the surface of the cylindrical shape precision and surface quality requirements higher. Set of parts on the surface of the main machine is different, the role of a greater difference between the technical requirements, main technical requirements are as follows: ( 1) Inner hole technical requirements of the inner hole is a set of parts on the surface of the support or guidance of the main, usually with the movement of the shaft, cutting tool or match the piston. Its diameter size tolerance level for IT7 commonly, precision bearing sleeve for IT6; Shape tolerance generally should be controlled, and pore size within the tolerance, the precision of the sleeve should be controlled in the 1/3 of pore size tolerance - 1/2, even smaller; Requirements for long sleeve in addition to the roundness, cylindricity is required. In order to guarantee the use requirements of the set of parts, the inner hole surface roughness for Ra0. 16 - 2. 5 mm, some of the precision of parts is more demanding, can reach Ra0. 63 - 5mm。 ( 2) The technical requirements of the cylindrical cylindrical surface with interference or transition fit to match the body or body frame hole supporting role. Its diameter size tolerance level for IT6 - IT7; The shape tolerance should be controlled within the diameter tolerance; The surface roughness of Ra0. 63 - 5mm。 ( 3) The major surface position accuracy between 1) Alignment between inner and outer circle: if the hole on the sleeve is loading machine before final precision machining, the coaxial degree requirements for the sleeve inside and outside round Angle; If the socket is the machine before loading for final processing, the alignment demand is higher, the tolerance is commonly 0. 005 - 0. 02mm。 2) End of the hole axis and the vertical degree: the sleeve end if carry axial load in the work, or as a benchmark and assembly benchmark, then end face and the hole axis have higher verticality or axial circular runout requirement, tolerance is commonly 0. 005 - 0. 2mm。
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