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The main purpose of the fixture

by:Xavier      2020-05-31
Main purpose of the fixture in front of the industrial age has been widely used, including mechanical fixture, carpentry fixture, welding fixture, jewelry, and other fields. Some types of fixture is also known as 'die' or 'also', its main purpose is for repeatability and accurate repeat a particular part of the system. An obvious example is when the duplicate key, the key to the original is usually fixed on the fixture, so the machine can borrow from the original key appearance copied out the guidance of the new key. There are a lot of fixture is produced because the needs of the business, because there are many types of fixture is customization, some is to improve productivity, repeat specific actions, or make the job more accurately. Because of fixture design is basically established in logic, because similar fixtures could use in different time and place, respectively. Drilling fixture is a kind of equipment can be borrowed by the moving mold to guide manual twist drill drilling or other device to each hole in the center position accurately, and can accelerate repeatedly on several interchangeable parts type of fixture locating in the center of the holes, the blacksmith in practice, is typical in every hole on the drilling fixture with hard set ring ( 硬衬套) In order to avoid twist drill cut to fixture. Due to the manufacturing a wide range of use of CNC machine tools ( CNC) , of which the servo controller ( servocontrols) Have the ability to automatically move tool to correct position, need to drilling fixture ( And the use of drilling jig operators work) Is less than before. Furnace fixture main use: the SMT, SMD, printing, furnace, 'and' DIP, plug-in, furnace 'some electronics factory customers can use, such as zte, foxconn, konka, and so on. Synthetic stone furnace fixture. Main materials through furnace fixture materials are synthetic stone, wave board, bakelite, POM, aluminum alloy, etc. Test fixture fixture mainly include ICT, FCT has grown, mobile phone test frame, plate test, etc. Main purpose to test the product function, calibration, buttons, headphones, speakers, the function is normal. Main material testing general component is main material, plastic, acrylic, fast clip, probes, cylinder, etc.
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