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The main classification machining

by:Xavier      2020-05-26
Machining of the main classification of mechanical processing are two main types of manual processing and nc machining. Manual processing is to point to by mechanical workers manual milling machine, lathe, drilling machine and the sawing machine and other mechanical equipment to implement various materials for processing. Manual processing and suitable for small batch production, simple parts. Nc machining ( CNC) Refers to the mechanical workers use numerical control equipment to carry on the processing, the CNC equipment including processing center, milling center, wire cutting equipment, thread cutting machine, etc. The vast majority of the machining shop all the nc machining technology. Through programming, the workpiece coordinates in the cartesian coordinate system ( X,Y,Z) Converted into a programming language, the numerical control machine tool CNC controller by identifying and explain programming language to control the axis of nc machine tools, automatic removal of material, according to the requirement and finish machining workpiece is obtained. CNC machining in a way that is straight artifacts, suitable for mass and complex shape parts.
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