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The machining accuracy should be how to measure?

by:Xavier      2020-09-23
Machining precision is machining surface after the actual size, shape, location, three kinds of geometric parameters and geometric parameters of customer supplied drawings requirements in accordance with degree. In the mechanical processing, we want to know what is machining inspection standard and mechanical processing of commonly used detection has what, we also need to know how dongguan machining measuring precision, then the machining accuracy how to measure? 1. According to whether the measured parameters, direct measurement can be divided into direct measurement and indirect measurement. Direct measurement: direct measurement measured parameters to obtain the measured size. For example, measured with a caliper, comparator. Indirect measurement, geometric parameters, related to the size of the measurement and the calculated gain measured size. Obviously, the direct measurement of intuitive, indirect measurement is complicated. Generally when directly measured by size or measurement can not meet the precision demand, will have to adopt indirect measurement. 2. According to the reading value of measuring instrument is directly measured the size of the said values, can be divided into absolute and relative measurement. Absolute measurement: reading values directly according to the size to be tested, such as measured with vernier calipers. Relative measurement: reading values only said measured size relative to the amount of standard deviation. Such as the diameter of the shaft is measured with a comparator, you need to use adjust instrument zero, then measured, measured values are the diameter of the lateral axis relative to the size of block gauge the difference and that is the relative measurement. In general relative measurement accuracy is higher, but the measurement more troublesome. 3. According to the measured surface contact with whether the measuring instrument of measuring head, divided into contact measurement and non-contact measurement. Contact measurement: measuring head and the contact surface contact, and there is a mechanical action of measuring force. As with micrometer to measure parts. Non-contact measurement: measuring head with measured parts surface contact, non-contact measurement can avoid measuring force influence on the measured results. As measured by using the projection method, light interference method, etc. 4. According to the parameters of a single measurement, divided into single and comprehensive measurement. Single measurement; The parts of each parameter to be measured separately measured respectively. Comprehensive measurement: measure reflect the comprehensive index of parts related parameters. If use thread tool microscope measurement can measure the screw in the actual diameter respectively, tooth type half Angle error and accumulated pitch error, etc. Comprehensive measuring efficiency is higher, generally to ensure interchangeability of parts is more reliable, used in the inspection of finished parts. Single measurement can determine the error of each parameter, commonly used in process analysis, process inspection and the measurement of the specified argument. 5. According to the measurement in the role of the machining process, divided into active and passive measurement. Active measurement: measure workpiece in machining process, machining process, the result is used to control directly to timely control the generation of waste. Passive measurement: workpiece machining after measurement. This kind of measurement can only judging mechanical parts is unqualified, is limited to discover and eliminate waste. 6. According to the measured parts of the state, in the process of measurement can be divided into static and dynamic measurement. The static measurement; Measurement is relatively static. Such as micrometer to measure the diameter. Dynamic measurement; When measuring the surface under test and measurement head model for relative motion in working state. Dynamic measurement method can reflect the parts close to the use of state, is the development direction of measuring technology. The machining accuracy of machining ideal geometric parameters, for size, it is average size; For surface geometry is absolute round, cylindrical, flat, cone and straight line, etc. ; For surface location between, is absolutely parallel, perpendicular, coaxial, symmetry, etc. Parts actual geometric parameters and the ideal geometric parameter deviation value is called machining error.
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