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The inverter power supply noise

by:Xavier      2020-05-25
Of inverter power supply noise frequency conversion speed control of permanent magnet motor performance for excellent properties, motor starting and braking, speed control of the most high. But at the same time, the power substation system frequency converter also added additional motor vibration, increases the noise source. Variable frequency power supply, under the condition of the stator current harmonic comes with more time, corresponding air-gap magnetic field is difficult to eliminate the harmonic interference. If the frequency of the inverter itself deep hole machining is very approximate switching frequency, the air-gap magnetic field high-speed wave, also can add a space thousands on a wide range to the total number of the electromagnetic wave and their values. Thus, if adopted the frequency converter to supply electrical power, are without anger into the prevention and control vibration source of potential interference. Should be combined with practice, and analyze the position of noise source and characteristics, vibration motor from reducing the noise of the motor with disturbance. From the current state of song dynasty, hole machining more permanent magnet synchronous motor is equipped with frequency control of motor speed. Compared with the traditional speed regulation, the new method has better performance of frequency control of motor speed, starting braking is also more convenient. Should not be ignored, however, inverter power supply way will lead to higher motor noise Lou, increase the noise interference. If adopted the frequency converter to supply power, the time harmonic will increase, the air-gap magnetic field and stator current contain this kind of harmonic. If the inverter conforms to the switching frequency, the electromagnetic wave will add more. In this state, the motor and the frequency of the exciting force which will be very close, without causing resonance so show. Within the scope of the motor noise Lou, power inverter, song dynasty as the main source. Holes machining, when the input current higher harmonic Gui very much noise. In fact, the motor noise and motivation is closely related to the current, noise Lu Yuan permanent motor. Vibration and noise, therefore, to differentiate relationship, then the control system can not be ignored, produced much noise interference. In the sound field radiation, frequency of Monsieur beaucaire bring wei and inverter waveform should be fully considered, are the main factors of the two kinds. In order to control noise source. Can change the existing pulse width to reduce current harmonics. This is because, current harmonic is very sensitive for resonant frequency. Inverter power supply inevitably affect the permanent magnet motor, deep hole machining noise caused by vibration. To do this, first parsing the air-gap magnetic field in the wave state variable frequency power supply, summarizes the harmonic frequency in each stage. After detailed analysis of motor vibration noise spectrum, distinguish the sine sweep frequency of frequency converter series composition differences.
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