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The influence factors of nc machining surface roughness

by:Xavier      2020-07-03

we know that the nc machining surface geometry characteristics including surface roughness and waviness, processing texture from several aspects. The surface roughness is constitute the basic unit of machining surface geometric features. Then using metal cutting tool machining surface, surface roughness and by what factors? Below by our to introduce for everybody:

with metal cutting tool machining surface, the surface roughness is mainly affected by geometric factors, physical factors and the nc machining process three aspects of the role and influence.

( 1) Geometric factor

from geometric point of view, the shape of cutting tool and the geometrical angles, especially the tip arc radius, main Angle, deputy Angle and feed of cutting parameter on surface roughness has great influence.

( 2) Physical factors

from considering the physical essence of cutting process, the cutting tool has a rounded edge and the back of the extrusion and friction plastic deformation in the metal material, serious deterioration in the surface roughness. In the numerical control lathe processing plastic materials to form a continuous chip, easy to form high hardness on the surface of the knife before the devolop of tumor. It can replace before cutting knife and cutting edge, the tool geometric angles, turning volume change. Devolop tumor outline is very irregular, so that the workpiece surface appears on the depth and width are changing the knife. Some devolop tumor embedded surface, increased the surface roughness. When machining vibration, the workpiece surface roughness parameter value increase.

( 3) Technological factors

from the Angle of technology, considering the influence of the surface roughness of metal parts processing, the main factors related to the cutting tool, workpiece material related factors and factors related to nc machining condition, etc.

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