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The influence factors of machining process of parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-25
Machining process on the influence factors of parts processing only bed for poor machining affirmation from Bhutan sick bed equipment, spare parts processing and processing of Bi materials are controlled by machine. As time long Bi material freely on the performance of the machine tool of the processing change, thus further influence the machining accuracy of machine tools. First is machine tool guideway orientation error, poor guideway orientation about main parts to Zhang bed error sensitive direction. Caused by machining parts surface and plane straightness error and then the spindle rotation error. Machine tool spindle has colorful figures in spin Ling Chou offset Bi spindle center cut. And to be processing parts of the surface of the cylindrical coaxial degree and hetian degree error caused by the last is the transmission chain error of machine tool, machine tool in passing to the movement of parts will be wishing position change. Forming parts displacement error accumulated on the processing of parts on the surface of the hole, 6 sets and some roll position degrees for ten to help structure. Geometric parameters of differential geometry parameters are mainly man-made error, there is also a small part is caused by mechanical processing aging. Parts processing needs both machine tool processing also need to measure human, as a result of the measuring system error, error or human error will produce the bad border geometric affect the machining accuracy. The deformation and stress deformation of thermal deformation of parts from the inside, in the process of machining parts by uneven hook heat energy and cutting tools for cutting happens again after hot deformation mechanical parts processing precision is due to the role of the external force in the process through which Bi broke the parts after the beginning of the stress state of horizontal thrust, cause stress non-uniform deformation mechanics parts, reduces the processing of parts 楕 degrees.
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