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The importance of measuring devices in the precision machining

by:Xavier      2020-05-02
Precision machining of the importance of measuring devices in the production of mechanical processing and production is completed, all need strict testing, to know whether it meets the requirement of technical drawings. Usually used in our precision machining tests types much more special, so to speak, is very important of which is the product of measuring devices, is also essential, measuring tool for us to test products, a variety of data meets the design requirements and assembly condition, of course we are judged by testing, so every qualified products is inseparable from the measuring tool to complete the testing, so today we're going to have a good discuss! But now the industry of the measuring tool can detect the product data, most are not comprehensive, and there is a reason, today's measuring tool has some limitations, lead to part of the product data can not detect and reflected, this leads to, however, our processing efficiency and precision, so as to affect the basic properties of the product and use. So often other auxiliary tools are needed to measure, this is the place where we should improve today, to grasp all the technical data of products, so our mechanical parts processing will improve the efficiency, but now we use the auxiliary tool will increase production costs and increase production time, is not convenience. A kind of measuring devices, can detect the customer need the drawings requirements, used to deal with the data for parts for testing. We now speak of how to correctly use of measuring devices, and our testing tool is divided into the measurement and quality inspection of measure precision machining. Process measurement is a key, because of its use of objects is fuck machine workers, the use of measuring devices such as micrometer we have to take care all the more. Such as whether to need to measure a workpiece when machining precision requirement in the process, shall workpiece measurement after stopped completely, avoid the workpiece vibration measurement of surface wear measuring devices. General is dedicated QA personnel operation, for the use of measuring tool accounts are not too much. The above information is derived from the focus on precision machinery parts processing manufacturer Xavier company, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/
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