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The importance of edm precision machining electrode design

by:Xavier      2020-05-16
The importance of edm precision machining electrode design in mechanical processing, there are the different kind of small hole or groove processing, we will be done by electrical discharge machining technology, this processing method is suitable for precision machinery parts processing, do not need the secondary processing of high precision, but compared with the conventional method of cutting machining, the machining efficiency is relatively low, so how to improve the efficiency of the electric spark machining is precision machinery processing factory has been the pursuit of a goal. We first need to understand electrical discharge machining principle, it can only be processed conductive material, on the electric corrosion to play a role of processed material to reduce material of a kind of machining method, the machining process is generally by large energy roughing gradually transition to the energy of fine machining of precision machining of micro energy even. Electro discharge machining, the tool electrode and workpiece is between don't like the traditional mechanical machining will contact directly, but under the condition of keeping clearance continuous processing. Processed workpiece surface quality is along with the change of discharge pulse energy change, therefore to complete a specific discharge machining task not only need to continue to reduce energy and electrode of the need to continue to feed compensation to cooperate to complete, this would require the processing energy research, discharge gap and the stability of electrode size, the number of electrodes, the process of the electrode feed compensation amount, in other conditions once determined, accurately in the process of precision machinery parts processing application of electrode compensation into action for edm of high efficiency, high precision machining. Edm overall efficiency depends on the rational use of pulse energy, to realize the rationalization of edm machining efficiency, it need to start from the electrode design, each step is very important, in which each of the discharge parameters about machining allowance control is the key in the process of precision machining, reasonable hold good machining allowance is the key of edm can get twice the result with half the effort.
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