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The importance of advanced production equipment for the production of precision parts

by:Xavier      2020-07-05
You know more, starting from the second half of last year, due to the bad economic situation in the world, led to some of China's domestic production enterprise has also been a great deal of impact, business is little, the wages of workers increased, in constant challenge that every productive enterprises. Under the background of this as a big, there are a number of well-known domestic enterprises, the cut, form is very serious. Company transformation began last year involved in precision parts processing industry, also influenced by the situation, a sharp fall in the number of orders, artificial wages unceasingly rises, cause profits to shrink, in such a situation, there are many companies are more plaint and complain, but it already exists, more complain and sigh is of no use, it is better to think out a good way to more, today let's say, among the companies in this area a little bit careful, share them with you. Even less volume, but not without business, since the part of the customer, it must seize this part of the old customers, how to seize his old customers, the quality of the product, is very important, especially in a piece of precision parts, how to ensure the quality of product, is very simple can understand, is to ensure that high precision at the same time, the product in accordance with the requirements of customers. Such high precision products, only by artificial and common machine, it is difficult to guarantee the quality, the company introduced Japanese advanced equipment, absolutely guarantee the quality of customers on the products, equipment and complete, so on this, the company produced precision parts, precision shaft, customers have been satisfied. So the first point, the advanced machine to produce products, high precision, good quality and can retain their customers. Aeriform in reduced the loss of customers, more advanced equipment is also a capital to attract more customers. The second point is the advanced equipment than in the past the old equipment and a major advantage is the scrap rate is low, we have also seen in other company processing precision parts, but the most advanced equipment, equipment is not expensive equipment, some say Japan actually than down for a long time, still have a scrap rate in included, in fact or equipment to more cost-effective, in Japan, in fact use for a long time, aeriform in this scrap rate can help the enterprise will be much less waste. Third is artificial, some enterprises pursue cheap, spend money to a machine, to buy other equipment SanSiTai, on the surface, increase the production, actually otherwise, now you also know, now artificial cost is very to, three people to do things, you may be much more things, but one employee wages have you calculated, so the company introduced Japan equipment, actually to a person's production efficiency and production efficiency is the same as the other equipment three or four people, however, a person's wages and the salary of three people, people will know which is more cost-effective. Above is the company for the current situation is not good, the summary of some of equipment for some understanding on the development of the company, of course we want to know, a total of more than the company's advanced equipment, can access/equipment. Asp to see the site, there is also detailed parameters of each equipment, and introduces, if customers have any questions can be with your company.
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