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The grinding technology of precision mold processing accessories

by:Xavier      2020-05-09
Precision mold parts processing and grinding process of mold parts refers to the mould assembly parts or components; Can also refer to the damage after reinstall on mould parts or components. Precision mold is generally made up of many parts, can be divided into two categories: process parts and structural parts. Craft parts directly affect molding product quality, process parts of runoff quality in the present means of precision mold parts are made of finishing. Precision machining process is related to the service life of precision mold and molding products, precision die parts processing in the finishing stage in addition to use the technology such as wire cutting, edm shaping method, the other methods is after semi-finishing grinding on the basis of heat treatment. So in precision die parts processing stage of grinding parts need good control of the deformation and internal stress, shape, tolerance and dimensional accuracy and many other technical parameters. In concrete production practice, the operation more difficult, but in shenzhen Xavier15 years of experience in precision machining can be summarized that can draw lessons from the analysis of the method: first, from the mould finishing process control precision die parts processing, we can according to different mould parts, different material, different shape and different technical requirements for adaptive processing, provide selective solution. Through control of the process to achieve better processing effect and economy is the most focused on precision die parts processing enterprises. Precision die parts processing process is commonly: rough machining - Semi-finishing - ( Quenching and tempering) — Precision grinding - Electrical process - Benchwork finishing, Assembly processing. In the grinding stages of precision mold processing accessories mainly USES the machine has three main types: surface grinder, internal and external circular grinding machine and tool grinding machine tools. When finishing grinding to strictly control the deformation of grinding and grinding cracks appear, even micro crack on the surface of the workpiece, or in the subsequent work will also gradually revealed. Therefore, precision grinding of feed quantity, to fully cooled in grinding, try to choose cooling fluid medium, machining allowance in 0. 01 mm parts try to constant temperature in grinding. To timely dressing grinding wheel in grinding process, keep the wheel sharp, when grinding wheel after passivation can slip on the workpiece surface wipe, score, extrusion, surface caused by burn, microscopic cracks or producing grooves, to significantly reduce the use of utility in the future. Plate, plate parts processing most of them adopt surface grinding machine processing, processing long and thin sheet parts, has the certain difficulty of processing. Before processing under the force of grinding magnetic table, there is some original bending stress produced deformation, flat against the surface of workbench, after grinding, the workpiece and the original stress under the action of deformation response, measure the thickness of panel is displayed when is consistent, but as a result of deformation response, flatness, could not reach the requirements of precision mold processing accessories should be before the solution is grinding to contour pad iron mat underneath the artifacts, walking around with stop blocking artifacts to prevent, when grinding head grinding feed quantity, complete the datum plane with multiple feeding way, benchmark graphic processing after good side, you can use this reference plane adsorption on the magnetic table, most by the grinding method of as mentioned above can improve workpiece flatness. This article from shenzhen Xavierhttp: / / WWW. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155089 - 0 - 0. html
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