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The gap between domestic and abroad CNC lathe CNC lathe

by:Xavier      2020-07-13

several CNC lathe axis in the industry as a general lathe class standard, generally more than five axis of high-grade lathe, CNC lathe, lathe under triaxial for the low end of the lathe. In processing industry, identify whether the symbol of modernization of the production equipment is the enterprise is equipped with CNC lathes, this is the consensus of the precision machining industry. Of machine tool automation and intelligent is the development direction of the industry, a highly integrated the machining process.

China's machine tool industry after several generation of craftsmen who struggle hard, has only more than 1000 from the early stages of the founding of the simple belt machine, up to now has millions of machine tools. Emerged as the world's third largest producer of machine tool, it has obtained the fruits, but we have to admit that the machine of our country compared with some big brand machine tools abroad, there are obvious difference, the abroad and domestic CNC lathe and CNC lathe gap is mainly reflected in which aspects, below small make up for all details:

first, accuracy and stability are also has the very big disparity, such as foreign high-end five-axis linkage lathe has zero failure can reach 1500 hours, and the stability of the domestic only two-thirds.

in the second place, the gap between software system is also very obvious, the software system, which is the core of the machine, some traditional big brands such as Japan MAZAK, FANUC, SIEMENS, Germany Liebherr companies such as software system almost represents the highest level of the whole machine tool industry, most of them are system packaging machine and software sales, the current domestic high-end machine tools in the software system of almost all imported from these companies.

third, nc machine tools supporting also has the obvious difference, domestic machine tool can say has reached more than 95% of the world's advanced level, but the rest of the part that is hard to catch up with, such as technology and test such as the international leading level is still far apart.

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