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The difference of CNC machining offer _ precision CNC processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-02
Different CNC processing has the advantages of different manufacturers, small processing plants suitable for samples, giant is suitable for large, must, in accordance with the provisions of the people themselves to find suitable for CNC processing plants, generally by the goods to calculate the length of the processing time. So how to calculate CNC machining price? 1, look at your engineering drawings and standards. 2, there is a difference between the raw material of artificial service throughout the country, there are some areas also price difference is quite big. 3, general component is calculated on operating costs + processing cost + profit, processing cost depends on the processing technology, using different production equipment price may be different from calculated on comprehensive working hours ( The drilling time, cutting time) And some calculated on technological process. 4, there is a problem, of the total amount may be cost-effective if the piece is bad, even a small piece of raw materials not retail, also let you have the price of the whole board. 5, processing plants. If the CNC processing plant itself can win that may not have what problem, if the factory have some process to outsourcing, the price will be relatively increase. So for the CNC machining must choose a suitable and reliable manufacturer, prevent to produce large amounts of spending. Many customers don't understand why different CNC machining manufacturer price difference is quite big. What above mentioned, in fact, apart from the cost, also has the following hazard elements: CNC processing plant, processing mass problem, 1 piece and a large number of the price will be difference is quite big. 2, the complexity of the steel and size tolerance is very size tolerance, that is to say, the precision, the steel price harm also pretty big. 3, local hour rates, is also a lot of relationships; Also has is the raw material, is the free-cutting level, the element of the hazard quote, so price problem is a comprehensive problem. Another, is a processing plant, with belong to the larger the sort of, machine production line, high capacity. Concrete is divided into two kinds, one kind is high precision quality type, type is a low-end go cheap. These two kinds of production methods. Look at the literal can understand. If your product is simple, high volume, is looking for low end, so the price is cheap. On the other hand, your board additional price is high, the board complex, high precision, will have to find out, find that kind of precision quality type.
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