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The difference about mobile phone spare parts and precision parts

by:Xavier      2020-07-13
A few days ago, the company introduced many consultation telephone of mobile phone spare parts, said what need samsung a type touch screen, and the phone is also a few, then received a phone call, the sales manager is very wonder, inadvertently chatting together to this matter. Then I carefully thought for a moment, I finally want to understand, is it something you misunderstood. How a misunderstood, mainly is the communications with all mobile phones precision parts and accessories of the confusion, that today we speak of distinction between mobile phones with spare parts and precision parts. Mobile phone spare parts, mainly include: chassis LCD touch screen protective film with a headset battery charger case row line within small plate send message receiver ring oscillator antenna booth cato, he belongs to the finished product accessories, generally speaking this is mobile phone accessories. And mobile precision parts mainly refers to, such as internal screws, springs, stainless steel card, aluminum body, cell phone use precision hardware, etc. , these belong to the need of precision machinery processing after forming parts, and accessories are very different. Is administrator after I check the information above conclusion, the reasons for confusion and administrators, of course, I published an article has a lot to do before, remember in the march of this year I published a paper entitled communications needs of the precision parts which article, did not think so much, so there will be so much confusion leads to the people behind the things happen, I hope this article can bring you help, if there is any thought, you can contact our company connector on the manufacture of communication equipment used in this paper, address: / shownews. asp吗? id = 73
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