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The development prospects of precision manufacturing and horizontal manipulator industry!

by:Xavier      2021-04-17
The development prospect of precision manufacturing, horizontal robot industry!

Foreword: Industrial robots are mainly composed of human-like hands and arms. They can replace heavy labor to realize the mechanization and automation of production. They can operate in harmful environments to protect personal safety. They are widely used in machinery manufacturing. , Electronics, light industry and atomic energy.

In China, the horizontal walking manipulator is mainly used to gradually expand the scope of application, focusing on the development of precision manipulators in casting and heat treatment to reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions. While applying special horizontal walking manipulators, the corresponding development of general precision Manipulators, if possible, also develop teaching manipulators, computer-controlled manipulators and combined manipulators. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the speed, reduce the impact, and position correctly so as to better play the role of the robot.

The development trend of the number of machines is to vigorously develop a manipulator with a certain kind of intelligence. Make it have a certain sensing ability, can feedback changes in external conditions, and make corresponding changes. If the position has a slight deviation, it can be corrected and self-detected. The focus is on the visual function and the tactile function. Some achievements have been made so far.

The world's high-end industrial precision manipulators have the development trend of high-precision, high-speed, multi-axis, and lightweight. The positioning accuracy can meet the micron and sub-micron requirements, the operating speed can reach 3M/S, the mass production product reaches 6 axes, and the total weight of the product system with a load of 2KG has exceeded 100KG.

With the miniaturization and miniaturization of manipulators, its application fields will break through the traditional mechanical fields. The development of horizontal manipulators towards high-end industries such as electronic information, biotechnology, life sciences, and aerospace requires precision manipulators. The technology is hard enough to meet the requirements of the times. Website:

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