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by:Xavier      2020-07-01

the middle of the 20th century the Soviet Lin Ke couple lazarus research by spark discharge switch contact corrosion damage phenomenon and reason, found that spark of instantaneous high temperature can make the metal melting, partial oxidation and corrosion, so as to create and invent the edm machining method thread cutting electric motor also invented in the Soviet union in 1960. Then watch with projector outline around after the manual processing feed working mesa, before actually think that processing speed is slow, but the micro shape of traditional mechanical difficult to machining. Represents the practical examples of chemical fiber nozzle abnormity bores processing. When using the processing of liquid in the ore material oil ( Oil) 。 High insulation, small polar distance, the processing speed is lower than now machinery machinery, practicability is limited.

to NC, in deionized water ( Close to distilled water) Processing model in the first by the Swiss discharge processing machinery factory machine tools exhibition in Paris in 1969, improve the processing speed, to establish the safety of the unmanned operation condition. But the NC tape made but very trouble, if there is no large computer automatic programming, is a great burden to the user. In cheap automatic programming system ( 自动程序工具APT) Before, popularity is very slow.

Japanese manufacturers to develop with a small automatic computer program design of thread cutting discharge machine cheap, accelerate the popularization. Wire cutting edm processing for two dimensional shape contour. Automatic program device widely used simple shape APT ( The APT language easier than formal models) APT to appear, simple form for the cutting the important factors for the development of electric motor

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