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The development direction of nc machine tools

by:Xavier      2020-07-04

machine tool manufacturing industry can largely determines the development progress and prospect of precision machining industry in our country, so the development of numerical control machine tool manufacturing industry is almost an indicator of the processing industry, in recent years, many domestic manufacturers agent has made great achievements, domestic machine tool has entered the world leading level in some ways. Today's numerical control machine tool manufacturing to development in the direction of what?

first, maximize reliability

a lot of nc machine tool reliability of the current domestic production of machine tools with some foreign top mills are still a certain gap, such as foreign five axis CNC lathe can keep 1500 hours continuous trouble-free operation, and domestic products, currently only do 1000 hours continuously trouble-free. So we must under the big time in reliability and to catch up with the imported machine tools.

second, control system miniaturization

miniaturization is the combination of for electromechanical device can be better, take up less space, more convenient to install on the machine, also more beneficial to use to the operation of the CNC machine.

third, intelligent

CNC machine tool can automatically according to the change of working conditions of the product by adjusting the parameters of the system, maintain optimum processing condition, and raise the production efficiency. Equipment can have self diagnosis and repair function, when malfunction happened, it adopt measures to stop.

4, high speed, high accuracy

decided the quality of the workpiece precision, speed and it embodies the machining efficiency of products, improve the processing speed and precision of the numerical control lathe, is an important development direction.

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