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The definition of CNC system and precision machining

by:Xavier      2020-07-03
Nc machine tools should have and implement voice communications, graphics, video and text function. Sharing of the information through the network, production planning and scheduling department can real-time monitoring machine working status and processing progress, to use network information of the other departments share information, observation processing, statistical reports on the Internet, tracking production progress, view the fault alarm, online diagnosis and help troubleshooting. CNC system adopts the latest automation technologies and products, has a modular, open, flexible and unified structure, provides a visual interface and network integration capabilities, have multichannel nc more axis function, apply to all process. In addition, using the latest high-speed processor chip technology and other high-end hardware and optical fiber transmission technology has been applied in a new type of numerical control system, greatly improve the performance of the numerical control system. High speed and high precision is not only a matter of index control machine tools and machining of the higher speed is faster, higher precision products, the also calls for nc machine tools in the whole process of workpiece machining are high speed, precise positioning, in order to reduce the workpiece in preparation, processing, transportation, collection and storage and so on each link of the time, comprehensively improve the plant production efficiency, reduce production costs. Higher precision of mechanical products can bring more benefits in actual use, such as reducing the friction and heat in the process of operation, reduce the energy loss, make the machine more stable and reliable operation, reduce the risk of failure occurs and so on. In order to achieve the goal of high speed and high precision, automation products manufacturers increased the technology investment and development efforts, has developed more automation products applied in nc machine tools, such as linear motor, the number of motorized spindle, higher line encoder more stable, higher precision grating ruler and so on, these automation products for the function of high speed and high precision nc machine tool provides a strong support. Today tend to be more high precision mechanical processing, many varieties, small batch, low cost, short cycle and complicated processing, composite processing is an important technology of nc machine tool development direction. Composite function make the CNC machine significantly improves the finished product production speed of workpiece, can eliminate hash process greatly in the process of transportation, the clamping and waiting time, reduce greatly shorten the processing cycle and processing workshops of wip. Only once on the machine tool clamping workpiece positioning, both to reduce the auxiliary time processing, and improve the machining precision of workpiece. Obviously, compound machine tool to demand higher automation products. Composite function implementation depends on the workpiece and cutting tool of real-time detection and intelligent judgment, data computing, tool management and control system. The high sensitivity of the probe, high-speed processing chip, a smaller, faster response of sensors and actuators and other automation products and technology will be more widely used in machine tools.
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