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The cutting precision machinery parts processing part of the working fluid

by:Xavier      2020-05-07
Wire-cutting precision machinery parts processing, part of the working fluid were introduced too quickly before we go wire and wire walking machine, so the wire is the machining precision and machining efficiency before somewhere in a kind of wedm. It adopted the cutting processing technology, many times for the first time using large current fast cutting, the second and the third is used when repairing light cutting feed speed control mode, greatly improve the surface quality of precision machinery parts processing. Then walk silk wedm processing quality in the influence factors, in addition to the machine itself, the quality of the working liquid also affects the quality of the precision machinery parts processing. In walking thread cutting working liquid should have certain dielectric properties, good clean, chip removal and rust resistance, the stand or fall of its performance directly affects the cutting processing efficiency, precision machinery parts processing surface quality and the stability of the whole process. After the meeting was cutting precision parts surface quality, cutting efficiency is the goal of the precision machinery processing enterprises. Walks silk thread cutting processing can balance these two aspects, but this requires appropriate performance of working fluid to cooperate. For chip removal ability strong working liquid, the cutting efficiency and cutting current basic inverse proportion, working liquid conductivity is higher, with fast tracking speed can improve the efficiency of precision machinery parts processing. Of linear cutting machine tool for the second time, third light cut with small current treatment, working liquid should guarantee the cutting stability under the condition of low current. Rust protection should consider two aspects of working liquid, one is the rust of machine tool, the second is cutting the workpiece antirust. The material in the working fluid is mainly composed of rust inhibitor, oily agent, emulsifier. First is the selection of corrosion inhibitor, fluid in wire cutting work requires excellent rust resistance, use for a long time in order to ensure the cutting work fluid, unfavorable use a single inorganic salts of rust inhibitor. Followed by oily agent, precision machinery parts processing in order to get a better surface finish, in the fluid of the work should join some lubrication oil agent, and the oily agent can't cutting workpiece discoloration. The third is the emulsifying agent, in order to improve the precision machining stability and enhance the capacity of chip removal, electric corrosion products, in time for the working liquid surface active agent, should has good cleaning performance and antirust performance. There is also a certain lubricity and foaming. The commonly used working liquid surfactant with non-ionic, anionic surfactants, such as. The above information is derived from the Xaviercnc precision mechanical processing plants, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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