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The correction method of large precision metal processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-25
Correction method of large precision metal processing production environment, unstable temperature conditions can lead to component geometry shape, in the time and place and thermoelastic instability of change. In machining and measuring error, especially in on the key characteristics of large size component parts, close coupled with the test of time. The size of the thermal expansion in parts usually directly proportional relationship, but for a certain tolerance, this relationship is not suitable for, such as turbine, turbine, shell, gear, etc. Pay at different processing or installation precision metal processing steps, what appearance processing measure, often standing in a air conditioning in the production environment without a light, which lead to shape changes due to heat. If there is no suitable size measurement is air conditioner room, the latter will also happen in the final inspection process. Even if for wide measuring geometric shape and the parts to the environment with a temperature control, also want to consider the thermal elastic properties of parts. Main mountain climate change or the storage of the production of heat caused by the temperature difference between the adjustable overflow time can take several days, often known, this also often cannot be observed. This in the installation process can produce problems, such as mechanical parts processing when installing a turbine rotor and shell, may miss a chance of would have to return. Detailed solutions for equipment, machinery parts processing used by the scanning system and test tasks such as environmental conditions, the basis of inspection work. To determine the measurement error of deficiency of also need to be aware of machine tool equipment described in the previous security factors, parts and the calibration method, and in the process of a systematic evaluation method, etc. Through the power of machine tool equipment and fast innovative calibration method of the history and development and coordinate loading test technology to the traditional method. Modified, it should be, in order to obtain good wei state transition effect and exercise in the application of technology solutions. As a result, the working group of related work, on the large machine tool equipment continue to research and development, the specification of so that can provide the user with - Solid state technology system. Specification, first to the demanding large parts manufacturers, precision metal processing and its challenge match, demanding in large part refers to the play and add equipment axial length, its relatively smaller tolerance van or small batch or only add sheet parts specification. Well should help the enterprise application of machine tool set and component of hot sex can, determine the quick test set Ge precision machine tools, and knowledge, to realize the machine tool equipment used for the coordinate measurement device punctuation, and find a towards standardization and normalization. Xavier focus precision parts processing, fixture for 16 years, has a unique processing technology and the technical level of the cutting, according to the figure, provide one-stop service, once by the unique processing technology and the technical level of the cutting won Japanese, American, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises, etc. More products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/
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