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The content of the mechanical processing technology application, 2)

by:Xavier      2020-05-21
The content of the mechanical processing technology application, 2) Third, the application of integrated manufacturing control system. The so-called integrated manufacturing system is what we call computer integrated manufacturing system. In this technology, precision metal processing machinery manufacturing production cycle has been started in computer aided design and manufacturing, process planning, testing and quality control process. Although these independent assistive technology in every line of work have played an important role in optimizing the cost of production, but because it is independent of each other, so it can't achieve reduce the production cost in a short time the purpose of improve the production efficiency and economic benefits. Hardware mechanical processing and computer integrated manufacturing technology, has realized the original independent of each single technology integration in together, and to establish a unified information platform, data sharing and data model in ensuring coordination between each individual on the basis of promoting the improvement of the mechanical products production efficiency. It give full play to the computer, sensors, new automation and management theory, the effect of implementation of the comprehensive control of production process, is a kind of is the effective means to improve labor productivity. Fourth, the dynamic automation control management. Precision metal processing in the current information technology under the situation of rapid development, automation control system itself in the specific application, also achieved a certain level of leap, make the whole process of machinery manufacturing processing is a better improvement, and can be able to adapt to different processing object and to adjust production task. In the process of concrete production, by using the computer as the core of automatic control and the related data of the production process of monitoring and management, adjustment around the production plan accordingly. Hardware mechanical processing in the process of practical production, around the actual production status information, completes the corresponding analysis and detection, automatic production of subsequent conduct automatic adjustment, so that we can reduce the cost of production, but also can satisfy the control effect of machining process, implement effective judgment and prediction of the production process.
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