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The content of the mechanical processing technology application, 1)

by:Xavier      2020-05-31
The content of the mechanical processing technology application, 1) First, the quality inspection. For metal metal processing production, the quality of an effective security is a core content in the whole mechanical processing and manufacturing. In the process of actual mechanical manufacturing, quality control, for the whole production process control, is a very important work content, if the quality problem, so for the mechanical processing production of each link, can produce very big effect. And in the process of automatic control technology, which can be more effective for the actual processing and manufacturing of all kinds of quality problems found in a timely manner. For example, if the metal hardware processing instrument display data is not normal, so very likely mechanical failure or malfunction, the relevant staff can combine in the parameters of automatic control equipment of the corresponding analysis, and through to find the cause of the problem in time, to rule out and test solution, it will effectively ensure the overall quality of the follow-up production. Second, the application of the PLC control technology. Copper pieces of metal processing is a kind of PLC control technology using programmable controller to realize the control technology, this kind of control technology with easy programming, strong anti-interference ability, small volume and high reliability advantages, therefore, the PLC technology can play a key role in industrial activity. In order to better the application of PLC control technology, we must reasonable application of these advantages, realize the fieldbus integration, unified communication protocol, etc. , realize industrial automation. In sampling the input stage, PLC using scanning device reads input data and state, the information stored in the PLC in the control unit in the image. After the program execution phase, the storage of data and status information will refresh, copper pieces of metal processing to check the correctness of the information. In the next two phase, the control unit of the data remains the same, the time difference of the two should remain unchanged after the control operation. In the stage of the program execution, PLC to automatically scan of the user program, to ensure that the user program has been read. In the process of scanning of the user program, need to run in fixed way and order, get the results. At the same time, to complete the stage operation results and sampling the input check, in the case of the two equal, to determine whether the program execution is correct. Results output is the final stage in the process of PLC control, in this phase, the need to sample the input and the program execution control unit of the input data in two phases and refresh, through the control circuit drive external devices, the control system can run normally. This stage after the operation, completes a PLC control cycle.
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