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The composition of nc machine tools

by:Xavier      2020-07-04

CNC machine tool by the program, input/output devices, CNC unit, servo system, the position feedback system, machine tool of ontology, the following we will give you a brief introduction of the:

( 1) CNC unit

CNC unit is the core of the nc machine tools, CNC unit consists of information input, process and output of three parts.

CNC unit to accept digital information, through the numerical control device control software decode, interpolation, logic and logic circuit after processing, the various instructions information output to the servo system, servo system driver operating components as feed movement. Other and the main moving parts of variable speed, reversing and start-stop signal; Choice and exchange cutter tool command signal, cooling and lubrication of start-stop, workpiece and machine tool parts loosen, clamping and indexing table transposition assisted instruction signal, etc.

( 2) Servo system

is composed of drive, drive motor, and execution of machine parts and mechanical transmission parts of nc machine tool feed system. Its role is to put the pulse signal from the nc devices into the machine moving parts movement. For step motor, each pulse signal to motor around a point of view, which drives the machine moving parts move a small distance. Each feed movement of the executive component has a corresponding servo drive system, the whole machine tool depends mainly on the performance of servo system.

( 3) Position feedback system

Angle displacement feedback of servo motor, CNC machine tools actuator ( The workbench) The displacement feedback. Including grating, rotary encoder, the laser range finder, the magnetic grid, etc.

the test result feedback device is converted into electrical signal feedback to the CNC device, by comparison, calculate the deviation between the actual position and the command position, and issue a deviation control instruction executing component feed movement.

( 4) Machine mechanical parts

class of CNC machine tools for machining center, and storage of cutter knife library, exchange cutter manipulator parts, such as CNC machine mechanical parts composition similar to common machine tool, but the transmission structure is more simple, more demanding on accuracy, stiffness, vibration resistance, etc, and its driving and variable speed system is easier to achieve automatic extension.

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