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The company introduces many sets of CNC machining center

by:Xavier      2020-07-14
Due to the expansion of business needs, the company today to introduce many sets of CNC machining center for precision parts processing. On the aircraft for the Japanese jin VA3 type CNC CNC machining center. Is now one of today's most advanced machining center. Here are the models parameters: Japanese jin VA3 type main description: precision machining center spindle taper: 7/24 taper spindle speed: 200 - 20000 min 1 spindle electric motor output power: 9. 0/3. 7 kw table size: 650 * 400 mm the workbench face height: 830 mm workbench T slot size: 14 h8 * 3 p = 125 mm spindle end ~ countertop: 150 ~ 500 mm maximum load table size: 250 kg moving quantity X: 500 mm fast moving speed: 48 m/min quantity of mobile Y: 400 mm cutting feed speed: 1 ~ 30000 mm/min quantity of mobile Z axis: 350 mm maximum cutting tool: this tool maximum size: 21 ¢60 * 250 mm tool maximum weight: 3. 0 kg automatic tool changing device: arms type tool selection mode: nearby choose motor: 0. 18 kw pump out: 60 l/min fuel tank capacity: 130 l machine weight: 2600 KGNC device: NC device name: FANUC Oi - Minimum set unit MD: 0. 001 mm position detector: absolute encoder pulse fast move to odds: FO, 25, 50, 100% choose skip the procedures section: a quick feed to odds: 0 ~ 200% work coordinate system: G54 ~ G59 auxiliary function: M3 a spindle function: S5 a tool function: T2 package quantity: a tool of 400 program storage capacity: 512 kbyte program storage quantity: 400 standard configuration: oil hood cutting fluid device ( Cutting box and cutting fluid box) Automatic lubricating device tool wash with jet device ( ATC when spindle) Lighting of the air compressor device machine 3 period of signal tower special configuration: AR - 170 four ShuZhuan and drive system this paper address: / shownews. asp吗? id = 113
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