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The classification of the nc machine tools ( A)

by:Xavier      2020-07-15

the classified method of nc machine tool has a lot of, today we are classified according to the first approach, with everybody here by us to introduce the classification method of 'nonself' according to the exercise machine:

1, the control system of point

the so-called position control system is a control tool moving to another process, from some point in the process of moving without cutting processing, to trajectory without any request. But for coordinates has a high accuracy requirement. In order to improve the production efficiency of machine tool is generally carried out in accordance with the highest feed rate positioning movement, when close to the anchor point to slow or classification, so as to reduce the positioning error caused by inertia.

2, linear control system

the so-called linear control system is a control tool, parallel to an axis direction from one location to another location in the movement, the movement of the route to parallel machine tool coordinate axis move, namely mobile tool at a given speed in the process of the cutting, and point the difference is between two points of movement speed and track system set up.

3, profile control system

relative to the above two kinds of control system, control system is the most complete of function. It is for two or more than two axes simultaneous control, not only to control the machine moving parts starting point and end point coordinates, to control the whole process of speed, direction and track. Therefore, under the contour control system, the need to numerical control device has the function of the interpolation arithmetic, by nc interpolation arithmetic unit inside the system, the processing of cutting tool in the process of movement of workpiece surface continuous cutting, can undertake all kinds of straight line, arc, curve processing. Can be more than two coordinates and coordinates linkage control, also can control the points and lines.

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