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The classification of the nc machine tools ( 3)

by:Xavier      2020-07-04

the first two articles we know about the way according to the movement control and servo system for the classification of the nc machine tool in two ways, by our today to introduce the other two CNC machine classification:

a, according to the numerical control system function level classification

according to the numerical control system function level, we usually put the CNC system is divided into high, medium and low block. Of course this is relative, different period division standard will be different. Of full-function CNC or standard CNC is commonly, high-grade CNC system, and economical numerical control belong to resist the numerical control system, the numerical control system is composed of single-chip microcomputer and stepping motor, its function is relatively simple price are relatively cheap, is mainly used in J in the car.

2, according to the processing technology and machine tools use classification

1, metal cutting machine tool, refers to using cars, milling, and long, reaming, drilling, grinding, planing and other cutting process of nc machine tools. Metal cutting kind of machine tool and can be divided into two kinds, one kind is ordinary numerical control machine tool, such as CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC grinding machine, etc. The other is a processing center, such as machining center, turning center, drilling, etc. , its main characteristic is that with automatic tool change and tool library, can undertake a variety of continuous process of processing and automatic tool change.

2, metal forming, such as numerical control press, bending machine, bending machine, spinning machine, such as the crowded, impact, pressure, such as molding process of a kind of nc machine tools.

3, special machining, CNC edm wire cutting machine, electric spark forming machine, flame cutting machine, laser machine, etc.

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