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The choice of precision machinery parts processing cutting tool material

by:Xavier      2020-05-01
Precision machinery parts processing cutting tool material choice at present, in the precision machinery parts processing, suitable for processing stainless steel cutting tool material, which has two kinds of high speed steel and carbide. High speed steel cutter easy manufacturing, low cost, sharp grinding, good toughness, but wearability is poor; Hard alloy cutter manufacturing process is complex, the cost is relatively high, under the condition of high speed cutting has good wear resistance, is conducive to the stability of the dimensional accuracy of precision machinery parts processing. In fully considering the characteristic of nc machining and the production efficiency, can adopt the following principles: finishing the use of high performance high speed steel cutter, because of the high performance of high speed steel cutter blade is relatively sharp, low and rough machining accuracy against the knife, the knife is easy, short auxiliary time, production cost is low; Finishing, use high precision coating cemented carbide end mill, high speed cutting and precision mechanical parts processing precision can remain continuous stable, generally can complete the finishing of dozens or even hundreds of products. Cutting tool geometry parameter choice: choose major should be considered in the existing inventory cutter tooth number, rake Angle and helix Angle of the blade geometry parameters. In finish machining, stainless steel scraps is not easy to curl, should choose a knife less teeth, should the crumbs slot big knives, make the clearance smoothly, is helpful for stainless steel precision machinery parts processing, but the anterior horn is too big, will weaken the strength of the cutting tool edge and wear resistance, generally should choose the method of Angle of 10 degrees - forward 20 degrees vertical milling cutter. Helix Angle there is a close relationship with the actual effect of anterior horn tool, in the processing of stainless steel, with large helix Angle cutter can make the small cutting force in the process of precision machining, smooth processing, high surface quality of workpiece, generally take 35 degrees - helix Angle 45 degrees. Due to the cutting of the stainless steel material performance is poor, high cutting temperature and tool life is short, so the milling of stainless steel cutting parameter to be lower than the ordinary carbon steel processing. Adequate cooling and lubrication can significantly prolong tool life, improve the surface quality after precision machinery parts processing. In practical production, can choose special stainless steel cutting oil as cooling fluid, and cooperate with the spindle center water features, will be cutting oil and high pressure spray to the cutting zone, forced cooling lubrication, cooling and lubrication in order to obtain good effect. The above information from Xaviercnc precision machinery processing plants, more information please click the link for http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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